Hot Spot

THROUGH THE WEEK OF Sept. 11, 2015

The Holland Project Gallery is featuring work by more than 40 artists who’ve helped make it the the dynamic exhibition space that it is. The artists are “ALL IN” and now this 2nd annual fundraiser on Oct. 10 will show who from community is “ALL IN.” The artwork will be on exhibit from Oct. 6 and all of the artwork in the exhibition will be on sale for $100 on Oct. 10 between 6 and 8 p.m.

The proceeds will go towards future programming in the Holland Project Gallery.

This is your chance to score an amazing one of a kind piece from a local artist while also supporting the Holland Project Gallery.

Participating artists include: Alberto Garcia, Alex Vitale, Alisha Funkhouser, Amanda Rieger, Anthony Arevalo, Ashley Westwood, Audrey Love, Austin Pratt, Casey Clark, Chris Carnel, Clint Sleeper, Dane Haman, Denali Lowder, Emily Rogers, Eric Brooks, Henry MacDiarmid, J. Damron, Jake Graves, Jessica White, Josie Luciano, Kaitlin Bryson, Lisa Kurt, Lupe Reyes, Maisie Barnes, Megan Kay, Metal Jeff Rogers, Michelle Lassaline, Michael Sarich, Nate Clark, Nathaniel Benjamin, Nick Larsen, Omar Pierce, Patrick Barry, Ron Rash, Sarah Lillegard, Sophia Pierce, Stephanie De Barros, Summer Orr, Tim Conder, Tom Chapel, Tucker Rash, and Zdenek Balcarek.