Art Walk Reno Launch

What a great inaugural Art Walk Reno we had!

The idea of a downtown art walk is not a new one. There have been walks, highlighting local art and the city’s public art, architecture, culture, and history.  The time seemed ripe to re-launch an art walk in the downtown Arts District, and the turnout proved that it is.

It didn’t hurt that, after another shot of chilly temperatures and sprinkles, the clouds passed and summer-like weather returned. It also didn’t hurt that Singer Social Club had its soft opening and was the after-the-walk hot spot.

It truly was “A Beautiful Night for A Walk!”

We hope you’ll come out to our next art walk on June 5th.

Erik Holland will be our guest artist, featuring limited edition, signed and numbered prints as well as hand-painted glasses. The prints and glasses will be sold at Liberty Fine Art Gallery.

And if you missed it, here’s a video that was made by one of our lovely Art Walk Reno participants:

Art Walk Reno – April


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